Dialysis Filter Inspection

Project role and responsibilities

Lead Mechanical Engineer


Cycle time: 13 seconds

Project timeline: 21 weeks

The purpose of this station is to perform a visual inspection of dialysis filter ports during transition from full assembly to final packaging. The product is transferred from the last assembly operation onto a receiving area where a belt conveyor shuttles the product along through an enclosure. As the product enters the enclosure, it is radially flipped to orient the inlet and outlet ports towards two cameras that record images of the port features. Inspection criteria consists of non-conforming features from injection molding and damages that may have occured during assembly. Simultaneously, an additional third camera records the barcode label located on the opposite side of the product. If determined NOK, the product is diverted into a reject bin where it may be manually reinspected. Otherwise the product continues to shuttle out of the station and into the packaging station.