Hi, I'm Chris!

Mechanical engineer based out of Atlanta

Unequal parts dog dad, engineer, designer, photographer, traveler, and water lover [ironically] based out of the Atlanta area where you can often find him indulging in the vast assortment of ethnic cuisine.

Professionally, he is currently employed as a mechanical engineer responsible for the development and execution of highly efficient automated machines utilized in automotive and medical applications spanning the globe. He continues to build upon years of practical knowledge and experience after honing his hands-on fabrication skills early on at a nationally recognized military subcontractor privately owned and operated by family. Chris also occassionally spends time offering freelance product and tooling design services by utilizing his expertise with CAD software and rapid-prototyping resources.

When not working, Chris enjoys spending time and exploring new trails with his dog, Austin, who was adopted May 5, 2018 from the Atlanta Humane Society. He is a lab + rhodesian ridgeback mix.

Photography is a hobby that Chris is slowly starting to rediscover the passion for after a few years hiatus. However, the convenience of highly capable cameras on our phones do not help.

Chris is also passionate about sharing his travels — mostly for himself through meticulously crafted photosets. They're a great way to relive past experiences and share them with friends. As with everything else, Chris is always thinking of ways to improve, rethink and redesign them for future travels.

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