Injection Pen Assembly and Testing

Project role and responsibilities

Supporting Mechanical Engineer


Project timeline: 30 weeks

Cycle time: 24 seconds

Low volume machine to assemble three(3) components: cartridge, dosing mechanism, and cap. Operator manually loads cartridge and cap preassembled into nest A. Additionally, the dosing mechanism is loaded into nest B. Upon automatic cycle start, nest A shuttles to process module 1 where the cartridge is pressed into the cap, becoming the cartridge unit. During this operation, the insertion force is monitored by a load cell and recorded. Meanwhile, an elevated nest B shuttles into process module 2 where the dosing mechanism is gripped prior to an adhesive being applied to the exterior at designated spots. Once process module 1 is complete, nest A shuttles into process module 2 where the cartridge unit is married with the dosing mechanism. UV light helps to cure and seal the two components. Once process module 2 is complete, nest A shuttles to process module 3 where the assembled pen is dispensed for operator handling.

Additionally in process module 3, a destructive test is periodically performed. With one gripper secured on the cartridge end and the other on the dosing mechanism end, an axial pull force is applied at a regulated pressure. Upon completion, OK and NOK data results are stored and all tested pens are diverted into a lockable NOK bin.